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8-Bit Author Tournament originally started Early 2016 as an open-ended comic where authors could create/use created characters to fight in one-on-one battles. Today, the comic has evolved into its own kind of experience, featuring new faces, old locations, and questions better left unanswered. Owned by Brawlitup99

Currently written by Brawlitup99, Punchy, Quirby64, TimeSceo, Collaborational, MaXtream, Lapisbomb, Slitherhen and Contradiction123. Previous writers include BlueFireDragon, Crashguy, Cascade, YoungSparky and Consonance

The comic is in the later half of it's first arc with 50 pages in, and is always open to new writers.

Welcoming new Author: Contradiction123 Edit

With large experience on Smackjeeves, our newest author, Contradiction123 is joining us on 8-Bit Author Tournament with their character Silas Adhya, who suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder (Similar to Labana). This 2-toned fighter will be joining us at the beginning of the 2nd arc.


Silas/Silver* Adhya's bio

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